PowerWood logoPowerWood is the UK’s leading not-for-profit social venture committed to raising awareness and supporting people living with intensity, hyper-sensitivity and super-reactivity (overexcitability, or OE for short).

Visit the PowerWood website to find out more about OE.  Dig in deep – there’s a wealth of information and helpful resources there.

In this video (2.39 minutes) Simone de Hoogh tells the inspiring story of why she founded PowerWood.

Here are some of my favourites parts of the PowerWood website:

OE Questionnaire – Find out whether you or a loved one has OEs by taking this short questionnaire. Results come by return email.

OE introduction
– Start reading here about how the theory of OE was first developed by Polish psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski,  then click on the other menus in this section to find out more about the different types of OE.

Parents’ Stories – Inspiring and relatable stories by parents of children with OEs.

PowerWood Events – The latest information about PowerWood workshops and camps.

PowerWood founder Simone de Hoogh
PowerWood founder Simone de Hoogh