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Take the Overexcitability Quiz

Overexcitabilities Quiz

Do You Have Overexcitabilities? What’s Your Unique Overexcitability Profile?

Have you ever taken an overexcitability quiz? Would you like to know your unique overexcitability profile? Do you have emotional overexcitability, imaginational overexcitability, intellectual overexcitability, sensual overexcitability, or psychomotor overexcitability? Maybe you have all five?

The overexcitability quiz takes less than 4 minutes to complete. You’ll immediately see how highly you score for each overexcitability. The results include detailed information (text and video) about each overexcitability. Your friends and family might like to take the quiz too. We overexcitable types tend to flock together.

The quiz is free to complete and I won’t use your information for any other purpose. If you have any questions, do leave a comment or book a free half hour chat with me here.

What Are Overexcitabilities Anyway?

Overexcitabilities (‘OEs’) are hard-wired traits carried in our genes. Those of us who have them tend to react more strongly to a lower threshold of stimuli than other people. Many of us only discover we have overexcitabilities (intensities) when we’re trying to find out what’s going on with our intense, sensitive children.

I first came across overexcitabilities several years ago when I was trying to support my intense children. Kazimierz Dabrowski’s model (of which overexcitabilities are a part) made so much sense of our experience that I couldn’t believe it wasn’t more widely talked about.

True to my OE (and 2e) nature, I began to dive deep into the model. I studied gifted psychology and began to specialise, in my hypnotherapy and coaching practice, in working with intense and sensitive individuals.

I originally developed the overexcitability quiz to help my coaching clients identify their unique blend of intensities. The quiz is based on my years of experience working with individuals and families with overexcitabilities. It’s not scientific, but the dozens of people who’ve taken it so far have found it helpful in highlighting their main areas of overexcitability.

Questions about the Overexcitability Quiz? Comments? Book a Free Chat

I love connecting with my overexcitable tribe so please don’t hesitate to book a free chat with me. If we decide to work together that’d be lovely, but if you get everything you need from our half hour together, that’s perfectly fine too!

Take the overexcitability quiz here.

Find out more about coaching and hypnotherapy for people with overexcitabilities here.

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