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5 Keys to Staying Sane as a Mum to Sensitive Spirited Kids

Staying Sane as a mum to sensitive spirited kids

A few weeks ago I wrote about why it’s important to take care of ourselves if we want to make changes in the way we parent (something I have to remind myself of every single day).

I shared some of the ways I do this in a recent guest post over at Motherhood the Real Deal. Would you like to read it?

5 Keys to Staying Sane as a Mum to Sensitive Spirited Kids

Being a mum to sensitive, intense or spirited children is a bit like regular parenting, but with everything that normally happens in a month squeezed into a day. With a few extras thrown in, like meltdowns that don’t stop at toddlerhood but continue into the teens, and having to explain your child’s behaviour to every disapproving adult he meets.

You know those days when you bounce out of bed, full of good intentions?

“Today I’m going to allow plenty of time to get out of the house!”

“I’m going to be so patient today!”

Even (on really good days), “Today’s the day I’m going to say ‘yes!’ to finger-painting, play dough and hide-and-seek!”

… continue reading 5 Keys to Staying Sane as a Mum to Sensitive, Spirited Kids over at Motherhood the Real Deal.

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What helps you recharge so you have more energy to be the kind of parent you choose to be?

How have you been kind to yourself today?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments or over on the Laugh, Love, Learn Facebook page. 🙂

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I’ll be back next week talking about what birthdays are like in an OE household. (You’ll like it if you liked my OE Families on Vacation post.)

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